quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2022

Make Me Go

When I talk to people in private I treat it like a prayer; God is always in the foreground, so whether they are capable of speaking Wisdom or not, I'm always capable of hearing Her. I've learned to behave this way the moment I realized that, depending on others, I really wouldn't find what I was looking for, because it was clear how busy the overwhelming majority of people I met were, treasuring other things. Really few believe there must be a Word that can change their lives, so they rarely suspect there's anything beyond the dimension of ordinary words. As a result, they become devotees of falsehood, unable to know what is true.

Usually, when my speech is upsetting them, they use ghosting or answer in a way just to feign the search, but you presume that, if you stop writing, the years will go by and the person won't send you any of his or her discoveries, because there's really none. And that's exactly what happens when you put your intuition to the test. There's one interesting case, though, of one very "religious" woman that was "bold" enough to tell me my Philosophy annoyed her. A few months later, I simply only asked which year she attended college. Dude! She started to write a bunch of crap death lines I also didn't ask for, saying she was "successful", "happy" and "fulfilled" at that "time", amid the most "beautiful" people in the city.

She probably thought I'd be "innocent" and believe the plastic "happiness" she mentioned was only about looking, not touching. But I already had information about the "sex". Friends don't lie, so once she herself maliciously gave a hint she was lying, many years before such episode of statement of "friendship", I enquired what was going on. Someone told me what she heard from a person linked to her "conversion" and once close to her. I asked her if that was true and she swore to Our Lady she had had no child as a teenager, much less rejected, forsaken her to enjoy her "youth" and that amazing "life" at the fucking "college" that she openly declared to miss. I investigated until I found the proof.

She had told me the day I went out with her that she believed Our Lady had guarded her against pregnancy while she was in the world. But the fact is that in 15 years attending churches she has had no reason to kill the world inside her, and it was still pretty alive there.

What can I say? People's past is a big problem when they don't repent, when the lies never get old.

What did I write to answer her love of the world?

"Ever since I found Out God is real, I could only miss the Future"

She sent me an angel emoji.

Yeah, I'm running away from people who are used to that "feeling".

Good Bye, Professor Marvel

You guessed right, you just didn't have the Heart.


You'll think I'm mad when you don't believe in fall and state of sin, when you believe that man can be good having no Good. Whenever you think that your faith, your fides in "human" has been restored, your own stony heart will be broken over and over again. If you don't follow the Human, you'll never know the Science this lunatic talks about. You live It or lie It going to church to pretend you're a good boy or girl.

quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2022


Those who are there to stay will like it.

Rebels, to whom no fake thing is enough, including "laughter", will not.

Toxic Play

They're probably still out there in the land of confusion, blaming me for their poverty, accusing me of taking their crap. We've never been interested in the same thing; that's not Rock, how could I use that to set me up? Are you sure you didn't try to take It, pretend It was yours, to enhance yourselves while you demonized me? I shouldn't have credited you easily... but if I didn't, you'd be accusing me of pretending the skill was mine.

I'm Coming With Her

To you who left, I can show you the future; those who left much earlier still can't write just one silver line. You're waiting in vain; you already have the "strength" to cope with the noise, and your "solution" was to become one with it. What's the difference between you and my enemies? You can't turn me into an adulterer; I don't want your "friendship". Does your silence mean you're asking for Her? Yes, you're asking for Her to go.

terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2022


All "success" made you trust yourselves in a foolish way; you had to fail sometime.

Songs Of Death

You're not wise to me; to me you are fools and I'm absolutely right.

You're after "life" and all I read is one same crap line.

Turn Your Direction

If you don't want to waste Time and be found guilty of the Blood, keep yourself from the fake gay rainbow thing and the fake straight thing. Both are the same place where the perverse who care not about feeling real Good dwell. If the devil could infringe free will, he would; nothing has changed, his trick to make people choose lie is to make them believe it's not all that bad. That's how they feel comfortable in the world, perceiving not they're in a horror movie, on their own and unprotected. So, if God has made you remember that being a part of it you have nicely set up home on the road to the same damn fate, do not stay.

Let's go Out.

segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2022

Are You Really That Good?

Apart from Her you can do nothing.

Silver Tie

You all should never have defied me without knowing my prayer.

They Say I Pretend...

"Jesus said, 'I will give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, what has not arisen in the human heart.'"

One cannot be found worthy without searching for Truth, but it makes them mad to think that God is also rejecting them while they search for their false things. He lets them believe He is a "friend" giving them a pat on the back for everything they say and do, understanding they need to be "successful", find a distraction in the cruel fantasy, because they just can't miss all the "fun". He lets them have their isolated meaning of the words and be "happy"; He lets them believe He's one of their lies. I think He loves to pretend He doesn't hide anything from the world, when He sees it only wants to find Life after "life".

Their lies are useless against us; they cannot condemn us to live in the same misery again, maybe only for a little while. Their words are useless for us; they can get us nothing but the same fake things they're looking for. Can they justify themselves? Well, in the sight of fools, it seems they can. To us, who found Out a million years in "time" cannot be compared to only a little while in Time, it's all very silly, we just know who they really are. And whenever they say the word 'enemy', is it really the demon they are talking about? No, it's whoever disturbs their "peace" to live their selfish dreams.

The paths of the righteous man and woman can only be predicted by one of them.

Yeah, "friends" and enemies, you never know what we have in store.

sábado, 16 de abril de 2022

The Hell?

Yes, the hell is behind the blackout in Starcourt.

But once Power is restored, make it clear you have no thing they want.

Fresh Air

I'm not on board and I can't get used by that feeling, cheaters.

You're out of Time, missing every real thing.

sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2022

You Wanna Go Out?

A fake rebel and an adulterer clearly connected to the world called me a random person. There's nothing random about the Bond; It is for those who believe in change, in being really connected to each other. I didn't know I was going out with a liar that would later tell me I needed to get much higher "socially" and "financially". She expected me to have her as the reason for such "change". She wanted to use me as a tool to have her ego pleased, just like the enemy who wrote that "fellow" tweet, who believed I could be used to get those things. They are sick, self-centered and blind, yet they do perceive the Gift, you think they can't?

No, It can't be used to get what you want, witches.

What's He Saying?

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment."

Oftentimes, we see people interpreting the "judge not" thing as if Jesus was saying that judgment is always a wicked thing. As I already stated, Wisdom is One, the words are connected to each other; without wholeheartedly looking for Her, you're going to have a separate worldly interpretation that misses Everything and contributes nothing to sanctify you. It turns out that without searching, you'll remain dead wrong, unable to find the fear of God and driven by "fear". Can judging not really keep you from being judged by God?

The bad news is that the whole Gospel has a context of warning against false religion. Jesus was being judged by fools as a criminal and He judged them back according to His content of Truth. What He was actually saying was, "Judge not if you have no Wisdom, don't even try if you're not searching, because you could bump into a prophet and God won't agree with you; He will agree with him, though". After being condemned for their blasphemy, they probably still had "hope" that Jesus could be wrong, that God didn't think so.

You've been simulating the fear of God and "fearlessness", but you are terribly "afraid" now, aren't you? Yeah, my enemies, the answer had to happen sometime. You've been trying so hard to pretend you don't wanna be "famous" and "rich", but all you have to say doesn't mean shit to God, liars. Actually, it means exactly that, shit. Your public doesn't care if it's crap since they're loving the infection just like you, asking not for Treasure. We do, we don't take it, it's not good for us, and you can't take It, thieves.

Breaking the Law is as natural as breathing.

I could never get used to that feeling.

quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2022

Don't Worry, Don't Care

Come depend with us in our great State.


My speech is directed at the Bond people, not the unambitious cowardly vampires. Success is having friends in your Life, and through the same Power get the enemies and "friends" out of Her. I know what I really need, that's why I don't waste Time developing "social" skills; I'm wholly absorbed in developing the Gift. I just let go of my ego and all the lies it is inclined to believe, because I know that to be driven by confidence in the "feeling" of someone who wants to go out with you, signing a foolish pact to please and be pleased, is to be led to a place of treachery and worse; the brave ones are those who go Out with you to have a Feeling.

If you're happy without a Heart, stay away.

I think the Truth that breaks all that and I tell exactly what I think.

quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2022


Just listen if you can, we're on a Track you can't hear or see. Every word you say or sing to try and get us back is fated to fail badly; we're not of your world and you can't have, own us. Even if you knock us down, you can never have us at your feet, and we can always get back up. You know why, don't you? We've chosen to be at His feet, hearing His word, while you distract yourselves and the public on your track.

Just give up, we can't listen.

terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2022

The Machine Is Still Alive

You all who rely on the love you and your public have to give, ask them for a favor... I'm sure they'll be willing to grant you your last wish. Ask them to grace you with bands, having your lyrics and many other words they inspire written on them, wrapping them all around your bodies. You too, who pretend you don't dig being damn special; you're ready to spread your demonic lyrics until the end, because we know, you know you are no prophet concerned with the feedback of One.

You want those who can't be in the desired state of collective hysteria, in utter anxiety.

I'm sorry, but we're of another School, One you can't come in.

Rx Tx

If it's just Medicine, I will take It.

If I can take, I can give It.

segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2022

Não Se Engane

O vácuo é aí embaixo.

Igualmente Coisas Injustas

Por que o curso de medicina é sempre o mais disputado? Será uma preferência por biologia na escola que determina essa escolha ou será que, em muitos casos, não seria outro fator... a atração pelo glamour, o status mundano que envolve a profissão? Mas por que um técnico de celular não é visto com os mesmos olhos? Afinal, ele analisa e repara o aparelho, como o médico faz com o corpo humano. Qual a diferença? Se uma pessoa que usa o corpo para a vaidade consultar um médico, desde que pague, terá seu conserto, assim como o técnico fará com seu celular sem procurar saber qual uso é feito dele.

Existe saúde de Graça? Claro que sim, é aquela que vem pela Sabedoria. Porém, apesar do Engenheiro não cobrar uma quantia em dinheiro, cobra o zelo pelo propósito para o qual criou a máquina: receber e transmitir Sabedoria. Ou seja, quem a usa para comunicação da injustiça pode até fazer rios de dinheiro, mas e quando o conhecimento de nenhum médico for suficiente para reparar o defeito? Nem todo o dinheiro que ganhou poderá comprar um serviço que não está disponível. Ao Faraó sem poder de interpretação restará esperar nas faixas da tolice que o segredo da vida egoísta eterna seja descoberto um dia.

James não se contenta com nada menos que E L O.

"Libere O Pânico"

"'Senti que ia morrer naquele momento', diz aluna socorrida durante crise coletiva de ansiedade em escola estadual no Recife"

Quem acha que isso de fato tem a ver com o ar e espíritos levanta a mão.

É melhor usar máscara; o pandemônio em Raccoon não acabou.

sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2022

On Death's Wide Web

The dark track that leads to destruction is the same; some people are searching for an easy chemistry, others less harmful things to pretend they are morally adjusted and loving Life. In both cases, shit is filling the emptiness. And if you get back on the "virtuous" and "clean" side of the track, you'd be forever looking around and thinking about the poison all those people don't know, believing that you know better. But without knowing Her, without tasting the Medicine, both are doomed.

Associated Lights

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."

Some individuals hold the isolated interpretation that he was talking about talent, skill, which obviously is a view that contradicts James himself since it only contributes to making people "prouder". Besides, the word of Truth is not what people of their own will call "truth". That's why the world is full of "wise" people who have never asked for Wisdom; I feel untalented and embarrassed when I see someone who naturally speaks the "truth", like, "I've had to work for so long... God, why wasn't I born gifted too?".

Things get strange when that kind of "religious" person, which commonly refers to himself as "born again", successfully communicates such belief to their friends of the world: "It's easy, you know, all you have to do is trust your first thought". All of a sudden, the wicked becomes capable of thinking the "truth", as if he had just known himself, "Hey, I was a christian and a seeker, I just didn't know it". No wonder his fruitless life goes on. The proselytizer's ego is filled with "joy" though, conceited by the "power" of his vain influence.

What do you think? I think that means one thing: the word in the "religious" mind is the same. I'm sorry if I disappoint you but, yes, it's a fact, probably your favorite "christian" band is the same; they listen to the world and the world hears their thing, which already sounds familiar. So why did you think you were safe separating and devoting your ears to them? Because you're also prone to believe it can be easy, that "fearing" can keep you unspotted.

Get used to hardness and maybe you'll discover the dimension of every impossible thing.

Then write us a message to tell us more.

quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2022

Immune To The Bone Ego Pleasers

The worshippers of the horned god don't want the perfect Life; they love the consequences of the fall, being broken with Wisdom and connected to the liar. Because they like very much his idea of "ascension" and having the chance of tasting how it feels to be worshipped, as they fantasize that there's no flaw in that. Thank God our ego is empty; yeah, as far as we know, it can only be filled with lies, right? So let us take our pride, our waste of time; let them turn into her and walk away from the peace of Truth.

I was done for but she could still be crushed, and her license, revoked.

segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2022

What Happened To The Crap Spell?

You spoke the words which were supposed to blind me, make me hopeless and ultimately kill me; you were supposed to be so much more "famous" and "rich" now. What happened to the plan? Didn't your god tell you all that was his will? Weren't you his special ones? Did he forsake you? Maybe he doesn't have an absolute control... maybe it's relative to the world he created; instead of trying to shake faith of others who are not of your world, try shaking your asses.

He can still take you up to the top.

The trick might be less "pride" and more "desire".

"The Time You're Wasting"

You just can't advise and show me your way to "success", aimless poor souls.

Well, this Time I know what Treasure is, fruitless seekers.

Can You Take It?

I'm not OK with cheap metal; I only feel comfortable when there's Silver at the table.

I don't give ear to the ignoble; I'm ambitious, rich and proud.

That Cowboy At Heart

Where does the guy's inspiration to be disrespectful come from?

Your idol won you, so make sure that you win him too to your "holy" version of his thing.

sábado, 2 de abril de 2022

Tick Tock

You gotta run and get "famous", because "religious" you already are, Charlie nobody.

Breathe in, breathe out; you're gonna win it all, pop queen.

Nose So Full Of Lies

Even a pathetic microscopic being can destroy the little health that remained, so why are people ready to spend it looking for vain things instead of Health? Only the poor can find out what was lost with the fall, whereas the others, without the comparison element to determine if they're really rich, just choose to believe they already are, becoming proud of something they haven't worked for to begin with. If you don't have to rise, blinded by the "desire" you are free to associate yourself, join the party and "rise".

Let's be anti-"social".

It's in its air from the beginning.

sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2022

The Never Ending Fools' Day

Lies are all spiritually indolent people have to hear and tell. Does anyone see himself or herself in a horror prison, having to search for Wisdom to escape it? Rarely. They usually perceive themselves in a place where they don't really feel irremediably uncomfortable, believing what they lack are all the fake things that could make it a more "pleasant" experience.

Have you ever tried speaking of the devil to the "hopeful"? They become terribly afraid as if they could sense him right next to them, walking away from you for delivering a message they didn't ask for, which they see as a disturbance of the "peace" they have to live inside the illusion. If they don't have the bravery to stay, that means they are cowards who have the "courage" to betray. If they don't want Her taking their hands, whom are they letting guide them? You know they are pieces on his board.

Watch them go, let them go.

Keep playing your Game.

quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2022

Bye, "Good"

You should probably go too, to hear what you really want and need.

They say Grace is one of their favorite names. Is that so? No, it's one of their lies.

quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2022

Have I Lost My Mind?

What? You expect me to be "good" and "nice", pleasing them by speaking the lies they desire to hear?

No, I'm not seeking to be one of their possessions.

Rejecting The Bee Spell

"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry"

Do you get it? It's everywhere, when people say, "No, it's my will! It's my desire that's going to make me happy and I'm determined to get what I want!". You can perceive it even in the "religious", when they believe God is a "friendly" ghost watching and willing to assist them to "succeed" and "prosper". No wonder they want the ghost to be like them, having nothing to say, like, "Don't bother me with good and wise things, just do what I need you to do for me to get the things I want!".

Recently, I witnessed a very "pious" person licking the ass of her "rich" and "perfectly married" relative, saying, "My cousin has everything!", and I told her, "No, she doesn't have Everything", and she stubbornly rebelled, "Yes, she does!". I guess the "righteousness" she knows is also an absolute fake thing, after all she made it clear that her "everything" is actually an idol. It's ok, the heavenly Father understands that people have need of all these things, right? Wrong, that's "justification", that's not what the Science really says.

Praise God for "everything", happy fools.

Fake rebels are a pain in the ass.

terça-feira, 29 de março de 2022

The Shocking Truth

Wrong and "right" people can't ride the Lightning, and that's how you keep only the faithful in your Life.

Yeah, I Can Break It

Some shake their asses to please their idols, others kiss and lick their idols' asses. Both are the same kind of happy infected scum. You know what I'm talking about... you should just stop pretending you're interested in creating Rock music and turn to the pop direction, which leads to a fate with many more fans and dollars. Think about it, I bet you do, that life could be much better. The reverenced of all of you, the great Metallica, which makes more money than any of you, has already undressed and taken off the disguise.

You trust falsehood, you should trust them and do the same; you know what's best.

You made them trust themselves and wanted the same confidence.

segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2022

The Country Side

We are not in fellowship with the reeds; the weak worldly or "religious" winds can't shake us towards death's vain unstable directions. We don't dance to their foolish and bad tunes.

sábado, 26 de março de 2022

We Don't "Smile"

I read yesterday about "famous" people celebrating another "famous" person's 1st place on the Spotify game. Am I supposed to feel anything? I can't, because nobody's not in control here. I can't even feel shame, since I can make the difference between the fake and the real nation. We know happy fake boys and girls don't need Love; it's not needed when you want to have "fun". Unfortunately, it's never enough, so depending on satisfaction to move on, they're in danger of finding the marriage that is eternal tears.

You can't have us.

You're going down alone.

sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2022


I've always heard "prosperity" preachers saying that celebrating others' "victory" and "success" is the secret to attracting the same into your life. Then those unreflecting minds effortlessly won by the world of fools and given over to its "desire" start believing they're having a good character by doing so and unblocking the way to divine favor. But are they pleasing God or still ego alone? What if both bad and "good" feelings are a part of the same false self dimension?

It's really nice when it feels like Love, and I can't help looking away.

quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2022


What do the ones of "music" and those of "politics" have in common?

Treat Of The Dark

Treat me cruel, "wise" men and women.

This cross I bear; that one from being "friends" with you, never!

My Secret

It's simple: to have decided not to be another 1 empty of Wisdom and full of shit.

Knowing the price to be paid for the Magic, most choose to stay.