sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2022

What's He Saying?

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment."

Oftentimes, we see people interpreting the "judge not" thing as if Jesus was saying that judgment is always a wicked thing. As I already stated, Wisdom is One, the words are connected to each other; without wholeheartedly looking for Her, you're going to have a separate worldly interpretation that misses Everything and contributes nothing to sanctify you. It turns out that without searching, you'll remain dead wrong, unable to find the fear of God and driven by "fear". Can judging not really keep you from being judged by God?

The bad news is that the whole Gospel has a context of warning against false religion. Jesus was being judged by fools as a criminal and He judged them back according to His content of Truth. What He was actually saying was, "Judge not if you have no Wisdom, don't even try if you're not searching, because you could bump into a prophet and God won't agree with you; He will agree with him, though". After being condemned for their blasphemy, they probably still had "hope" that Jesus could be wrong, that God didn't think so.

You've been simulating the fear of God and "fearlessness", but you are terribly "afraid" now, aren't you? Yeah, my enemies, the answer had to happen sometime. You've been trying so hard to pretend you don't wanna be "famous" and "rich", but all you have to say doesn't mean shit to God, liars. Actually, it means exactly that, shit. Your public doesn't care if it's crap since they're loving the infection just like you, asking not for Treasure. We do, we don't take it, it's not good for us, and you can't take It, thieves.

Breaking the Law is as natural as breathing.

I could never get used to that feeling.