quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2022


My speech is directed at the Bond people, not the unambitious cowardly vampires. Success is having friends in your Life, and through the same Power get the enemies and "friends" out of Her. I know what I really need, that's why I don't waste Time developing "social" skills; I'm wholly absorbed in developing the Gift. I just let go of my ego and all the lies it is inclined to believe, because I know that to be driven by confidence in the "feeling" of someone who wants to go out with you, signing a foolish pact to please and be pleased, is to be led to a place of treachery and worse; the brave ones are those who go Out with you to have a Feeling.

If you're happy without a Heart, stay away.

I think the Truth that breaks all that and I tell exactly what I think.