sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2022

The Never Ending Fools' Day

Lies are all spiritually indolent people have to hear and tell. Does anyone see himself or herself in a horror prison, having to search for Wisdom to escape it? Rarely. They usually perceive themselves in a place where they don't really feel irremediably uncomfortable, believing what they lack are all the fake things that could make it a more "pleasant" experience.

Have you ever tried speaking of the devil to the "hopeful"? They become terribly afraid as if they could sense him right next to them, walking away from you for delivering a message they didn't ask for, which they see as a disturbance of the "peace" they have to live inside the illusion. If they don't have the bravery to stay, that means they are cowards who have the "courage" to betray. If they don't want Her taking their hands, whom are they letting guide them? You know they are pieces on his board.

Watch them go, let them go.

Keep playing your Game.