quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2022

Make Me Go

When I talk to people in private I treat it like a prayer; God is always in the foreground, so whether they are capable of speaking Wisdom or not, I'm always capable of hearing Her. I've learned to behave this way the moment I realized that, depending on others, I really wouldn't find what I was looking for, because it was clear how busy the overwhelming majority of people I met were, treasuring other things. Really few believe there must be a Word that can change their lives, so they rarely suspect there's anything beyond the dimension of ordinary words. As a result, they become devotees of falsehood, unable to know what is true.

Usually, when my speech is upsetting them, they use ghosting or answer in a way just to feign the search, but you presume that, if you stop writing, the years will go by and the person won't send you any of his or her discoveries, because there's really none. And that's exactly what happens when you put your intuition to the test. There's one interesting case, though, of one very "religious" woman that was "bold" enough to tell me my Philosophy annoyed her. A few months later, I simply only asked which year she attended college. Dude! She started to write a bunch of crap death lines I also didn't ask for, saying she was "successful", "happy" and "fulfilled" at that "time", amid the most "beautiful" people in the city.

She probably thought I'd be "innocent" and believe the plastic "happiness" she mentioned was only about looking, not touching. But I already had information about the "sex". Friends don't lie, so once she herself maliciously gave a hint she was lying, many years before such episode of statement of "friendship", I enquired what was going on. Someone told me what she heard from a person linked to her "conversion" and once close to her. I asked her if that was true and she swore to Our Lady she had had no child as a teenager, much less rejected, forsaken her to enjoy her "youth" and that amazing "life" at the fucking "college" that she openly declared to miss. I investigated until I found the proof.

She had told me the day I went out with her that she believed Our Lady had guarded her against pregnancy while she was in the world. But the fact is that in 15 years attending churches she has had no reason to kill the world inside her, and it was still pretty alive there.

What can I say? People's past is a big problem when they don't repent, when the lies never get old.

What did I write to answer her love of the world?

"Ever since I found Out God is real, I could only miss the Future"

She sent me an angel emoji.

Yeah, I'm running away from people who are used to that "feeling".